OECD official approval of EUWI AWG guidance note

In 2011, the EUWI Africa Working Group published the document "OECD DAC Creditor Reporting System: Guidance for the use of Water Supply and Sanitation Purpose Codes".

The document offers guidance to the reporters to the OECD DAC Creditor Reporting System regarding the purpose codes for aid to water and sanitation, since new codes took effect in 2011 (for reporting of 2010 aid flows). In offering guidance on the new purpose codes, the document also contributes to the higher objective of improving the overall quality of aid data in the water sector.

Through a written procedure in Feburary 2012, the document was officially approved by the statistics working party of the OECD. The OECD has published the document on its Aid statistics website under the headings of Aid to water and sanitation and Purpose codes: sector classification.

The EUWI Africa Working Group welcomes the official approval of the OECD statistics working party, and the wider dissemination of the document that this allows.


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